Alphabet Yard Sample Menu

We follow the Setting the Table document to ensure our children are offered a healthy, balanced diet.  We are happy to discuss any dietry requirements your child may have.

WEEK1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Am Snack Cereal & Milk Natural Yoghurt & Fruit Rice cakes & Banana Toast & Spread Pancakes & Raisins
Lunch Vegetable Soup & Filled Rolls Macaroni Cheese with Sweetcorn Lentil Soup,

Cheese & Tomato Muffin Pizza

Mince & Potatoes Soup,

Tuna Fishcakes with Baked Beans

Vegetarian Option       Rice, Bean & Lentil Casserole Soup,

Vegetable & Cheese Fritters

Pudding Natural Fruit & Yoghurt Rice Pudding Filled Sandwiches Oatcakes with Cream Cheese Breadticks with Cheese Cubes