Beach School

With 11,000 miles of coastline around the British Isles this is perfect for outdoor play and learning on the shore. Coastlines offer a unique environment for children’s discovery and learning.  We are very lucky to have the beach just minutes from the nursery.

Beach school sessions place significant emphasis on holistic development and, as with the principles and overall benefits of forest school learning, have significant benefits on personal and social wellbeing, as well as providing incredible learning opportunities using minimal resources.

Beach schools tend to follow the principles, whereby children are encouraged to explore the natural environment with its constantly changing appearance, offerings, and potential learning experiences and opportunities.


The general idea of beach school session is to not “plan” or facilitate learning but rather to follow the children’s curiosity in their findings of the natural world and meet their learning and developmental needs through the invaluable opportunities the natural world has to offer.

As a result, no two beach school sessions will ever be the same.

Is an exciting experience in which children learn about the environment.  It encourages independence, which in turn enhances children’s self-confidence and self-esteem.  We are very fortunate to be a 5 minute walk to the beach – one of the best natural resources available.

Children attend Beach School in small groups and use the natural resources available to discover the world around them.  Some of the learning experiences that take part on the beach are: looking for patterns, risk assessing hazards on the beach, mark making in the sand, construction using sand, seaweed, shells etc.